100 Word Challenge …now what do I need…

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At a wonderful town in South Australia it was a competition for people in the town to do activities and win a prize at the end in a pair, there were spoon races and everything and I am in a pair with my best friend max. We did the spoon race and the race you tie your feet together and the bean bag race we just need to do the make the cake race. We have made our cake and I say to max “now what do I need max we nearly done”. We did win cake race at the end!

5 Word Challenge

I had to use these words in a 120 words that I had to write

> giraffe
> purple
> balloon
> rocket
> bubble wrap
This is my story:

When I went to the zoo yesterday I saw a lot of animals there and it was nice we saw a giraffe because that is my favourite animal. When we were walking around I saw a rocket but dad said it was a jet but it just had a lot of smoke coming out of the back. We spent about 3 hours there and I ask mum if I could get something from the gift shop and a got a purple giraffe and when we were driving home I opened it and there was bubble wrap all over it to keep it safe and in the car I was keep on popping it and that was a fun at the zoo!

This is actually not true

100 word challenge

At a marvellous little town in the countryside, there was really was no one but there was a kid who loved building stuff in his basement he was working on his castle that he was building. He spent days working on the design for his mouse that he found when his cat brought him in. Now he is up to the painting of it and the mouse has a lot of things to run around in so he thinks that his mouse Fred will love it. The cat was really noisily and it spelt pink paint everywhere and the castle flew of the table…

What my family means to me…

My family means a lot to me because they work so they can give us food clothing and shelter, so we can be healthy and safe. They also give me an education so I could have a job when I am older and they teach me right and wrong, when I was young and even now so I am lucky I have them to support me whenever I need them. They always do things with me like going fishing and coming to my soccer games so I won’t feel lonely, they also give me money at the shops so I can by things for me or whatever they tell me. They also help me with home work so I can get it done and they give me ideas for projects for school. They take me to friend’s houses and they drive us every where so I thank them for looking after me!

Reading the book is so much more satisfying than watching the movie

I believe that watching the movie is so much more satisfying than reading the book because:

Firstly watching a movie would be much quicker than reading a book because books can take really long like days weeks so therefore you can watch more movies.

Secondly movies can be educational like documentaries such as plants, animals and all sorts of things so you could learn things for a project.

Finally with books you have to go buy them and stuff but movies you can buy online and therefore you can watch the movie on your computer and even connect to your TV, like me I can!

You must strongly agree now people under the age of 18 use electronics so they would be more used to watching TV and watching movies on other electronics so movies are much better than reading books.

Is books better than movies?
  • Yes
  • No


A thousand years ago there was a joyful little dragon who love Chinese food he was the only dragon left in the area he was in and because of that he could not survive, so chinse food scraps where the only thing left by the humans at the Chinese festivals. One of the nights he went to bed he started feeling really saw in the stomach and then when he got so close to his bed and when he did the dragon slowly stirred into his warm cosy bed. The next morning he was in heaven bye himselfand and sad…

Should countries around the world be allowed to recruit and use child soldiers?

I believe they shouldn’t use children as soldiers because children need education and spend time with their parents and only go fighting when you are 18 and over. If they did go early and fight but get forced the leaders need to be stopped but if they can’t they should get all different army’s to track him down or even send in a person to act undercover or something like that. They also could make safer camps there so the kids and families are safe and then maybe do other things like a little bit of education and also stop him at the same time.

Should countries around the world be allowed to recruit and use child soldiers?
  • Yes
  • No

100 Word Challenge Chocolate Rabbit

One day a little girl couldn’t wait in tell the Easter bunny came the next morning and when the Easter bunny did come she raced outside to see where the eggs where and there was one chocolate bunny in the middle of the grass and she yelled where is the rest of the eggs! But she kept the chocolate bunny he did not want to eat it, they played together and did everything together and when Christmas came the little girl got a big teddy and the chocolate bunny got left outside and the chocolate rabbit melted in the sun…

My Holiday In Daylesford!

Well when we ended school on Friday we left to go to Daylesford in Victoria on the Sunday and it was only 2 hours away and the place we stayed was called Budda Rose and it wasn’t a hotel or a motel it was a 4 bedroom cottage with self-serve bar and double beds in every room and it had a lake next to it. The lake even had a mini boat next to it so we could go on the water and my sister loved the hammock there because she swang in it for hours listening to music. That day we got there to early so we went in town in Daylesford and looked in this shop called Bazaar and I got a bowl of marbles and my sister got stuff for her room. When we were there we asked where the Andersons Mill is because we saw a sign when we came into Daylesford so the guy at the shop gave us directions to where it is. We went straight away to go see what it is and it took about half an hour to get there and when we did eventually get there, there was live music, wine testing for the adults and kids workshops it was really fun and we could also go into the mill. I am also think that you saying in your head what is this mill so I will tell you, ok well that mill made bread and things like that because the people who started it wanted to make it for the miners because they were working so hard they need food so that’s what mills do but they can make other things to. So we left there when they stared packing up because we got there a bit late.

When we got back to the cottage we just made quick dinner and relaxed that night it was so comfy so we decided to go down to the blowhole tomorrow just down the road and just relax for the rest of the day. When we woke up the next day we went about 12 o’clock and walk down to the blowhole and when we got there it was really cool because the gold miners found a river and made it go around and throw this mini tunnel and came out and the went into the normal river again. Then it made a spot where there was no water in the actual river and they searched for gold in that part but no one knows who did it so it is still a mystery. After we had a look we did a 5 km walk the walk was doing a huge loop around the place when we did that we basically went back to the cottage in tell we made food on the BBQ and then we went to bed for the day. The next day was fun because in the morning we went to go see the lavender farm that was five minutes away and it was cool because we got there and had a look around and we saw a lot of different plants and lavender and then we had a little tour of the old owner’s mini house. The house was so small because they had 12 children and when we went to see the bottom half of the house, where it was basically underground we saw Mrs Sugrue and she saw me so that was pretty cool and when that was done we had lunch at the café there.

When that was all done we went to see the covert gallery in Daylesford and when we were there we saw a lot of paintings and sculptures, and the place there actually used to be a boarding school for girls and you could see were there rooms were but now it’s a gallery and we spent about an hour and a half there and we also stopped at the shop and got some things there. After that we went home for a bit and booked us to go to an Italian Restaurant where we had pizza and pasta. That was very yummy. So that was basically it for the day but it was fun. The next day we didn’t wake up to early but we went to do a 2 hour horse ride in the forest near bye it was really fun because I have done horse riding lessons before and we had some lunch there to and the horse I was in was good and I thought it was nice to go but you a bit saw after so when we headed back we went to the mineral spa and pools there it was so relaxing and the water was so warm. It really cool because the mineral water comes from deep underground and they say the water helps your muscles so that was really good because I didn’t feel saw the next day from the horse riding. So after that we quickly went to go have some Indian for dinner in town so that was yummy to and then we went home to go sleep for tne last time because we are leaving tomorrow. When the next day came we went down to the blow hole again but we went in car because we packed and left the cottage, when we got there we did a longer walk but it didn’t go around the blowhole it went a bit out and came back it took longer but it was good exercise after all and then we got back to the car and we left to go back to Torquay and that was sad to leave but it was good to be bye the beach again but yeah it was a fun holiday and we said we will go back there again so that’s good. So thanks for reading Bye!

Our Cottage we stayed at